Welcome to Thane's Neck Farm.  Home to Neil and Diana, together with our children
Evan, McKayla and Taylor, we are enjoying the wonderful lifestyle of owning and
breeding alpacas.  Alpacas are beautiful animals that are raised for their extremely soft,
exquisite fleece that grows in 22 natural colors.  Alpaca is a Cashmere-like fleece that is
one of the worlds finest and most luxurious natural fibers. Alpaca fiber is stronger,
lighter, warmer and softer than sheep's wool.

Our farm goal is to breed huacaya alpacas to produce healthy, easy to handle animals
recognized for their outstanding fleece. We strive to produce fiber with low micron
count, high density, with good crimp, and preferably with color. We include Peruvian,
Bolivian, and Chilean bloodlines in our herd to produce our all-American huacaya

We hope to share our love and knowledge of alpacas with others.  We invite you to get
to know us and our animals through our Web site and, eventually, by visiting with us.
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Lot's of people ask us what our farm
name means.  What's in a name?   
Well, the word "Thane" is a Scottish
term given to a feudal lord or baron.  
While "Neck", as used here, means
a tract of land or woods.  This
definition is commonly used as the
phrase "neck of the woods.".
Pastina di Oro
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Thane's Ben Nevis pronking!
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